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Old Dog New Tricks at Bridlington Contemporary Art Gallery

Friday 13th March 2020 Bridlington Contemporary Art Gallery

Rebecca Folds Gallery Programmer:

‘On Friday evening the gallery space at Bridlington Contemporary was packed with an expectant audience, eager to hear the renowned hurdy-gurdy player, Quentin Budworth. We had seen Quentin before at the Hull Folk Festival with the band Celtarabia. That was a massively amplified, foot-stomping, head-banging, stadium rock performance on an outdoor stage with a huge crowd of festival goers dancing their socks off.
It was a surprise and delight to see him in this more intimate setting, transformed from rock god into an entertaining and informative raconteur showing us the more subtle and thoughtful side of his musicianship.
With the help of an Arts Council Grant, Quentin had spent 2019 travelling through the UK and Europe visiting centres of musical excellence, meeting and playing with and learning from the best musicians, composers and instrument makers who form a quite remarkable international community.
Quentin’s account of his year of travel took us from this country to various festivals, gatherings and musical schools throughout Europe. We heard about the different traditions, styles, and approaches in different parts of the continent. It was good to know that these were being shared and adapted, keeping the tradition alive and of course Quentin was able to demonstrate all this on the two beautiful instruments he had with him. The were plenty of questions from the enthusiastic audience in the final part of the evening and I think everyone learnt a lot – from the history of the hurdy-gurdy since the 11th century to the response of contemporary composers to the instrument. And of course a whole load of cracking tunes – all in all a fantastic evening’.



National Lottery Big Thanks!

It’s the 25th anniversary of the #NationalLottery25 supporting the #arts in the UK. I’m so grateful for their support in funding my work as a multi-disciplinary artist and musician. This year through the Arts Council’s Develop Your Creative Practice funding I’ve been able to study Hurdy-Gurdy with some of the world’s greatest and most innovative players an old dog learning new tricks. I’ve attended workshops in Germany, Holland, France, Spain, England and Greece. I’ve met so many musicians from around the world and made many new friends along the way. The funding the Arts Council gives to artists is a game changer for Artists and Musicians and communities thank you, thank you, thank you. #arts #NationalLottery25