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Quentin Budworth teaches Hurdy-gurdy from beginners to advanced level players. He has studied with leading Hurdy-gurdy players and folk musicians from across Europe including France, Spain, Crete, Germany and Holland. He has studied with some of the worlds leading Hurdy-Gurdy players and folk musicians from many different traditions notably: German Díaz, Gilles Chabenat, Efren Lopez, Patrick Bouffard, Isobel Pignol, Rafa Martin, Johannes Geworkian Hellman, Gregory Jolivet, Mattias Loibner, Abel Garcia, Pablo Urssosson, Francesco Guista, Cliff Stapleton, Scott Marshall, Paul Sherwood, Sian Williams, Kelly Thomas, Ross Kelly, Paul James, Merit Zloch Anne Neopold, Carol Turner, John Goodacre,  and many more.

Quentin has studied Hurdy-gurdy music from many different places and can teach most styles and types of dances, rhythms ornamentation and techniques.

Teaching Charges:

Per hour £40

Zero to hero Intensive full day training on the instrument  5 hours teaching time with lunch thrown in

Per day £200

Skype Lessons

£40 per lesson with additional 15 minutes to set up and check connection.

To book your lesson call 07877434739 or email quentinbudworth@yahoo.com

Reviews from previous students:

“As a beginner Quentin first helped me get rid of the bad habits I had already picked up with posture and technique then focused on what I wanted to learn and what I obviously needed to improve on using a wide variety of tunes and rhythms. Highly recommended if you want to learn and have fun! “

Angela Harley

“Hurdy-gurdies present a set of challenges to a new player, from setting up the instrument, to finger position and cranking technique. These can be a real barrier to a novice but Quentin navigated me through these initial stages with patience and good humour. With a number of classic standard tunes, he quickly guided me beyond these initial stages and quickly set me on the path to gurdy enlightenment”.

Andrew lawrence

Quentin is a fantastic instructor. As someone who has never really played an instrument, his gurdy lessons offer a lot: they are recorded so you refer back to them during the week, he breaks down each new tune phrase by phrase which helps ear training, can troubleshoot instrument problems, and he offers tons of encouragement. I learned at least one new tune each week!

He suggests best finger placement for seamless flow and trompette patterns and guides you through both. You can easily tell he is a very skilled player with lots of flexibility in style. I’m no longer the bumbling beginner of last year. I can learn a tune in one sitting and later on a basic rhythm in another. Every weekend I have looked forward to our time together and am very grateful for his time and patience.

Rebecca Kinney

I’ve been learning to play the Hurdy Gurdy with Quentin for nearly a year. I started out a complete beginner to music and to the Hurdy Gurdy. I don’t have a musical background and I have found that Quentin has always been very patient with me on my learning journey and has inspired me to take my musical ability and knowledge a step further every lesson. For me it was important that I found a teacher who is good natured, fun and shares a love of music. The lessons are always very easy to set up via zoom and I’ve never experienced any problems, only except to say the lessons always end too soon.



Quentin Budworth is a Hurdy-gurdy player and composer from Yorkshire, England, who makes music from 'Every-hear'.

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