Learn the hurdy-gurdy in 4 days

I had the privilege of being able to teach a musician from the Far East who has never touched a hurdy-gurdy before how to play the hurdy-gurdy, to play tunes and set-up the instrument for optimal play.

This is a huge learning curve and I can report that my student has done very well and also that they are in possession of a very fine instrument made by Neil Brook without the hassle of 1-6 year wait for a new professional instrument.

What did we look at:

Good posture, ergonomics, safe practice.

Playing in a relaxed and attentive way with focus and purpose.

What did we study well all the trompette coups relating to the following time signatures:







Some simple and more complicated tunes

Major and Minor Keys and Modes for G/C instrument

History of the instrument.

Different approaches to fingering on the keyboard

Youtube and Spotify viewing and listening lists.

Identifying, next steps, things to work on and develop over the next few months.

Five hours a day for four days is an intense learning experience and regular cups of tea, biscuits and meals out really helped to keep energy and attention high.

If this sounds like something that is of interest to you email me at: quentinbudworth@yahoo.com

I registered a 4-day intensive course from Quentin and it’s super comprehensive! The course started with history, developments and innovations, then recent community moves, famous hurdy-gurdy players, CDs and concerts – it’s not a small world and it keeps on evolving!

Then getting to know the instrument – different strings, the chien, the crank and most excitingly, how it buzzes and works with the rhythm! Then I started to learn the notes, basic music theory, fingering, the rhythms on cranking moves – from beginning to picotage… and that’s how the beat got started! It’s gonna be an exciting journey ahead!
J W.