EFDSS Monday Singers ‘Cos Group’ (Carry on singing)

Here’s a song taught to me by Lisa Knapp but originally by The Copper Family and sung by some of the wonderful Monday Folk Singers ‘COS GROUP’ from the EFDSS Zoom class. It’s a wonderful song that I’ll be recording soon. Thousands or More (Sorrows Away) The Copper Family All recorded remotely and co-ordinated and mixed by Andrew Cheal.

I’ve been exploring traditional folk singing mainly through the Monday Night Folk Singers class organised by the EFDSS and have had the delightful experience of being taught by Emily Portman (Furrow Collective) and Lisa Knapp this term I’ll be in the esteemed company of Cohen Braithwaite-Kilcoyne from ‘Granny’s Attic’

Each term I’ve had the opportunity to learn repertoire, arrangements and folk style singing from an established folk singer and educator. All material is taught by ear.

I’ve learnt some great songs from Emily and Lisa’s repertoires as well as harmony singing but the focus is definitely more on developing as folk singers in a supportive environment. I’ve been able to listen to different interpretations of songs, see examples from archives and field recordings and learn about the tutors’ approach to their singing and folk songs which has been amazing.

It’s been a fantastic experience and I’ve learnt so many songs! I can highly recommend the sessions. More info here: https://www.efdss.org/learning/adults/monday-folk-singers

And here’s a quick video ‘warts and all’ of me singing it unaccompanied.