Scandinavian Folk Ornamentation

COMMON & TRADITIONAL ORNAMENTS – trills including trill-from-down and mordents – unison including “norwegian trill” aka unison+trill – drones (tune : ‘Herr Olóf’ from Sweden) – changing drone on a scale aka simple double-stops (mostly Värmlands polska & Røros pols) – dajstråk (tune : ‘Flödens död’ polska efter August Bohlin) MODERN & “COOL” ORNAMENTS – slide (up or down) – chop (tune : Halling etter Hilmar Alexandersen) (check the masters : Casey Driessen, Darol Anger, Rushad Eggleston) SELDOM OR SPECIFIC ORNAMENTS – long trills (mostly in Siljan region in Dalarna, Sweden) – rolls – vibrato