Agent Starling -Wine dark Sea

I Dream of the Wine Dark Sea, which also features Dexter Duffy-Howard on cello. Inspired by the pictures in a book I treasured as a child, and read many times. It was originally published in 1853. My copy is from 1938, it belonged to my mum. Agent Starling: Loudhailer Electric Company captain Lou has teamed up with Celtarabia chief Quentin who spent the year before lockdown touring Europe meeting with other top hurdy-gurdy players exchanging tunes, techniques and experiences. Expect lots mpre experiments and tunes for release later in the year. Audio mastered by Kevin Carafa Website

Dreaming of days by the wine-dark sea
When enchantments and journeys
Of dragons and villains
Who, bursting with rage
Scattered curses in millions

I work at my spinning wheel
Twisting and turning the fine silken thread as it flows through my hands

Can an earth born woman
Defy king and cathedral with mountainous powers
When as far back as anyone can remember
They have been picking us off
One by two by three by …

My sister was fooled by a
Smooth handsome creature
Who looked at her
Led her deep into the foam

His eyes didn’t leave us right from the start
But how can I love a boy with a stone for a heart?

My mother cried tears of red leaves and rain
But no one could save her ‘til the star gazer came
And striking a harp of fine silken thread
The magic of music wakes me in my bed

I’m still spinning tales, raising dreams from their graves
To go weaving and crashing on the wine-dark sea waves

Lou Duffy-Howard 2021