Recording and Production of Acoustic Music at Home Studio Environment WITH Efrén López

I attended this home recording course with EFRÉN LÓPEZ it was absolutely brilliant here’s what we studied

English description:
This course will outline from beginning to end the process of recording and producing acoustic music in a home studio environment. This is an increasingly important skill in our times, since the vast majority of demos as well as a large part of commercial productions are made in home studios. We will focus on the technical and musical aspects that comprise the home recording process. This course will be divided into five different sessions:

Lesson 1: Choosing mics and their placement / Ambient mics / EQ basics
Lesson 2: Compression / Multiband compression / Deesser / Limiter / Noise gate
Lesson 3: Types of reverb, their parameters and uses / Creating space and depth / Delay, chorus and other FX used in acoustic music / Pitch shift / Extra bass tricks
Lesson 4: Automation / Edit / Cleaning tracks / Organization (colors, names) / Arrangements, instrumentation / Production tricks
Lesson 5: Final mix / Grouping / Mastering

This course is for students who already have some experience with recording equipment and software, and are familiar with the general language used in this discipline.

Student requirements:
Instrumental technique: any level
Western theory: any level
Modal music theory: any level
Sight reading: any level
Transposition: any level
Learning by ear: any level
Composition: any level
Improvisation: any level