Artist Respond

The act of writing new music in the midst of a global pandemic is an act of defiance. It’s saying “to hell with despair” affirming a faith in the future. For the last few years, I have been developing my work as a solo musician and composer whose primary focus is the Hurdy-gurdy and drone music. As an artistic response to the global pandemic I want to try something new and challenging.

I will be exploring the world of electronica, ambient sounds and site-specific work. I live very close to the sea in Bridlington it’s literally a minute walk from my house I’ll be going to the beach to play, tinker, ponder, observe, sketch, experiment, appropriate and create musical sketches and ideas with sound in new and unusual ways. Try out new compositional work and approaches, use my voice as an instrument, make sound with objects I find and then play them in the environment. Recording the sounds of the sea and the animal and human life surrounding it and weaving music from that soundscape.