Master Class with Elizabeth Pignol at the Stichting Draailier En Doedelzak weekend.

Hurdy-gurdy for (more)advanced players – Isabelle Pignol (Fr)

This workshop for more advanced players. This course will focus on the musical and technical aspects of hurdy gurdy playing, including dynamics, phrasing, ornamentation, and right and left-hand articulation (both with and without trompette). Isabelle’s interesting techniques will most surely give advanced players something to study this weekend! She writes us she likes to work this weekend on:
games and practices in the group to study on the posture and the position of the instrument, to improve the listening and the sound
– «loose handle strike», loose and half loose wrist strike, binary, ternary and assymetrical. Working method for 6 and 6-loose beat strikes
– Searching for the double intonation of the chien to improve the «swing».
– Effect of rhytmical and melodical styles: combinations, off beat, syncopation, appoggiatures, mordent, vibrato, portamento, détaché, pizzicato.
– How to be rhytmically free
– Working on harmony: arpeggio’s of chords
– Çreations: two-part writing, improvisation, composition.
– Examination of ‘sounds’
– Examination of style and interpretation
– Traditional and modern repetoire, individual pieces and polyfony

Listen to the music of Isabelle Pignol:
• Isabelle Pignol – cinquième saison
• Tri-Bal – Asie you want
• Tri-Bal – Rond d’eau douce
• Tri-Bal soundcloud pagina
• DEDALE – live in park Chateau St Chartier (1993)
• Ritmythes – Duo vielle – batterie (oude opname)
• Ritmythes – Vent de sable (oude opname)
• Tribal – documentaire

Here are some pictures from this wonderful event