‘The Secret Life of the hurdy-gurdy’ book

Coming in September 2022…

I’ve wanted to write a book about hurdy-gurdy playing for a long time. This book embodies the thoughts and knowledge of some truly amazing hurdy-gurdy players who have taken the time to talk about and write about the art of hurdy-gurdy playing and their approach to it.

In this book the deep craft knowledge of the instrument, its art, tradition, playing styles and techniques are shared by hurdy-gurdy players from around the world.

Knowledge is power and this book will delight, enthuse, enlighten and inspire even the most experienced hurdy-gurdy player bringing more power to everyone’s elbow and more great music into the world.

To join the mailing list for this book send an email with the word ‘Book’ in the title to quentinbudworth@yahoo.com

The book features writing and interviews with the following players:

Bruno Andersen
Patrick Bouffard
Nicolas Boulerace
Quentin Budworth
Gilles Chabenat
Germán Díaz
Oscar Fernandez
Abel Garcia
Sergio Gonzales
Stephan Groth
Thomas Hoste
Peter Kanssen
Nicolas Koch Simms
Nicholas Konradson
Matthias Loibner
Michalina Malisz
Scott Marshall
Rafa Martin
Christian Mohr Levisen
Ruben Monteiro
Ariel Ninas
Sam Palmer
Isabelle Pignol
Etienne Pnt
Benoît Roblin
Clare Rose
R.T Taylor
Paul Sherwood
Steve Tyler
Pablo C. Ursusson
Mary Van Hoozer
Alex Zwingmann


Quentin Budworth is a Hurdy-gurdy player and composer from Yorkshire, England, who makes music from 'Every-hear'.

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